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September 2021

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It’s Time For Independent Authors To Join Forces

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Imagine the power of a website dedicated to Independent authors and their books. A place where readers could find over a million Independently published books at one online location. The time has come for Independent authors around the world to join together on the Internet at one location to sell our books. There is tremendous strength in numbers and with an estimated five million Independent authors worldwide the power of that one destination would change the face of publishing – forever! Even with just 20% of those titles, that combination of forces would be a serious contender to booksellers around the world.

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A Writer’s Life For Me?

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The romantic notion of a writer’s life is compelling enough to many to find them seeking ways to make a living by crafting the written word.

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The Sweet Taste of Success

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Writers are an interesting breed of humanity – they can make us feel joy, sadness, anger, and empathy. Sometimes they can cause us to feel all these emotions simultaneously. There are certainly more lucrative methods of gaining an income, yet every day thousands of individuals will sit down at their keyboard pounding out a story that may never actually be published.

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The Perfect Freelance Writer

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As a freelance writer, you may be finding some truth to this list, but the burden of proof is on your shoulders as a freelancer. You do need to adopt a can-do attitude, but be honest enough to pass on a project if you are uncertain about the subject, deadline, or volume of work.

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Giving The Power To The People

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Building an online community to create collaborative publications – essentially books written page by page by different people from around the world – may sound like an ambitious project but it’s happening today thanks to the power of the Internet, and more importantly, the power of people.

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How to be a Good Spokesman

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To be a good spokesman one must consider a lot of things and possess a lot of skills. If you dream of the career in politics or simply want people to listen to your opinion, read the following article and decide how good you are and can you make next “Kennedy”.

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Art of Essay Writing

Unlike other academic assignments, an essay suggests freedom of your creative work. Its main advantage is that you can write it on any topic, in any style. An essay is your own point of view on something you have heard, read, seen, etc.

Need help creating Character Arcs?

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Award-winning author K.M. Weiland’s previous book, the acclaimed Creating Character Arcs, showed writers how to identify the five most important types of character arcs and use them to bring your own characters to life with stunning and powerful realism.