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Don’t Sell Yourself Short

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Freelance job sites are filled with work. If you want to work for pay today, it is possible that you can do so. You might even be able to write as many articles as you want to write.

“$1.00 Per Article – As Much Work As You Want”

Yes, you too could be on the road to a very lucrative career if you could write a few hundred articles a day.

Let’s see, if it takes me 45 minutes to write an article because I know something about the subject already then I could do 32 articles in a day – if I don’t sleep. It just might work if I can be guaranteed no interruption.

And at the end of a marathon day of writing, I might have earned $1.33 per hour, which is well below the poverty level.

You may wonder who would possibly agree to work for these wages.

Most of these jobs go to either new freelance writers who don’t know any better or to writers from developing countries who find this wage to be better than what they may be capable of earning in their own country.

Many webmasters are willing to accept this work and either retool it or use it as is.

The problem for many website visitors is that the English often used is not “Americanized” English and is often filled with mistakes.

Reputable websites refuse to cut corners and are anxious to find qualified and dependable writers who can take care of their writing needs. In most cases, websites are willing to pay well for a writer who can provide a good fit for their needs.

Some of the most experienced freelance writers can earn $250 or more per hour. However, in these cases, it is important to note that they are full-time and have factored in what they believe to be the actual number of hours per year they will actually be able to bill clients for their work and set their hourly fee accordingly.

The fee these writers receive from clients helps offset those hours when they have no writing work.

Most freelance writers do have a day job and any writing they do for clients provides a supplemental income. In these cases, clients find a lower price for the work, but may not find a delivery time that is as quick as a full-time freelancer.

For a client that plans well, this is rarely an issue. Most qualified freelancers find they have plenty of work and at a price that they set and can live with.