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Your Must Know Guide To Writing Thank You Notes

Handwritten Thank You

After the pomp and circumstance is over and you have opened the last wedding gift it soon comes time to face the daunting task of writing your thank you notes. If you are anything like me the thought of sitting down to a stack of cards makes me find every excuse in the book not to do them. The key to writing your thank you notes is preparation and organization. In fact with the right preparation writing thank you notes can be simply painless. The following are some suggestions on how to make writing thank-you notes a more pleasant task.

To stay on top of the situation order your thank you cards when ordering your invitations. Not only do you stay with the theme but you also ensure that the cards will be there when it comes time to write them. If you plan on being a little creative by adding pictures to your thank you cards discuss this with your photographer at your first meeting. Talk with your photographer about photo suggestions and the card options that are available to you. Make sure to order plenty of cards.

The second most important detail is to be organized. Make sure to keep track and document every present that is sent or given to you. Have a bridesmaid write in detail what you receive at your bridal shower. Request a very descriptive and specific list. Keep all stationery supplies necessary for writing your note cards together and place them somewhere easily accessible for when you are ready to write.

To make things more personal handwrite each note. Handwritten notes are individualized and show your guest how important they are and how much you appreciate the gift they have given you because you have taken the time to tell them. You can add in the note something about the gift and how you plan on using it. If they gave you money mention how you plan on spending the money.

Addressing thank you notes can be a little delicate. Refer to your close friends and family by their first name. For those individuals that you don’t know well Mr. and Mrs. is more appropriate. The same holds true for the closing of your note. Sign both (first) names on the informal notes and include your first and last names on the more formal notes. Find a writing utensil that you are most comfortable with and that writes nicely. A fine point Sharpie or a ballpoint pen works well.

The key to the successful completion of your thank you notes is planning. Since these notes must go out within three months after the wedding it is essential that careful planning occurs ahead of time. All your notes do not have to be written once. Pace yourself and spread them out. Pick a favorite spot in your house, get comfortable, and start writing. You will be amazed at how fast your stack of cards and your list begin to decrease. Before you know it you are done.

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