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Self-marketing Techniques For Writers

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One of the most effective ways to present your work to prospective clients is by having an online presence. As the world shrinks through the use of the worldwide web, you will find clients on an international basis who may be interested in your work and in your ability to work for them.

First Step

By creating a website you have the opportunity to place testimonials, pricing structure, examples, and a list of services you provide.

Because most writers have problems with self-marketing it is important to remember you are not necessarily marketing yourself, you are marketing the time-honored skill of writing. In many cases, this assists writers in understanding that they don’t need to be prideful they have been given a skill. A writer should be careful to make wise use of their skills for the mutual benefit of the writer and client.


The use of blogging has become a highly prized self-marketing tool. A blog will allow visitors to see you as a person and enjoy your personal approach to passing along information.

A blog can allow you to pass along services you can provide. You can also use a blog to pass along success stories and provide general examples of recent work you have accepted. You don’t want to be too specific and should keep client confidentiality uppermost in your thinking.

Discover Your Strengths

If you are especially gifted in one type of writing make sure you list it as a specialty service you can provide. Never stop learning and improve on even your greatest skills.

Improve Your Weaknesses

If you are weak in an area of writing you can do one of two things, 1) give up and tell clients you can’t do the work or, 2) learn the skills needed to become proficient in the skill.

Your clients don’t want to hear excuses, they want to perceive you as their go-to writer who can get things taken care of in a professional and timely manner.


Never be afraid of research. In an indirect way, research can be used as a marketing tool. This tool can provide information on writing styles and markets to pursue.

Final Word

A writer should never stop learning. Understanding the usefulness of self-marketing is a means of learning a skill that will allow you to write with confidence knowing the skills you possess are connecting with others and fulfilling a genuine need.

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