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Write The Bestseller-kind-of-novel

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The word “Bestseller” usually means selling a great number of books, starting at around 30-50 thousand copies. Certain bookstores report the sales to certain lists, and the book is listed as a bestseller. Many bookstores that sell many of an author’s books do not report to those lists. Then there are ordinary writers like you and me who sell thousands of books on their own and they don’t report to those lists. Those lists usually don’t include self-published or small press writers. Many bookstores and lists don’t report to Publisher’s Weekly, the New York Times, and USA Today. What a huge disparity!

But I want to share with you something all such books have in common, reported and unreported – all are rather well written, most have a fresh concept, and all are pretty well edited. So in this equation, we know that bestsellers have three things in common: 1) they’re well-written. 2) Have a fresh concept, 3) they’re well edited – no typos or verb-noun disagreement, no misspellings, or run-on sentences – only if the writer is breaking the rule to prove some point.

I’ve read quite a few bestsellers that are simple and straightforward, some with twists and turns, but they all have those three qualities in common, and my writing experiences allow me to take the myth out of how they get to be bestsellers. To show that you have a bestseller in you. We all have one; it just needs to be written, edited, polished, and promoted. I took five years to write my bestseller-kind-of- novel, but I had no one to teach me the next step. I’m moving toward it in the trial and error mode. I want to make this easier for you. These articles are dedicated to those of us who want to be bestsellers. Ordinary sales just aren’t enough for us. We’re experimenting with writing the bestseller-kind-of-book, polishing and promoting it to bestseller status. I’ll share every tip with you as we go along.

Now back to Bestseller. I consider a bestseller as a book that is well written, has a fresh concept and is promoted and sold to a lot of readers. That’s exactly what Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) did. He sold those little simple books from the back of his car until he found his path to becoming a bestseller – getting publicity is one of the paths. He started doing lots of radio interviews every day. But his way might not be your way. It all depends on your book. And then, it could be your way. We shall see.

My name is Martha Tucker, and I’m sure you’ve seen my novel on the Internet somewhere – The Mayor’s Wife Wore Sapphires. It’s a romantic inner-city political thriller. I ask you to become familiar with it because I’m going to be using it to explain certain very necessary principles to you – read the three free chapters: The novel has two significant 5-Star Reviews and racking up more every day. The Mayor’s Wife Wore Sapphires is proof that your number one priority is to write a Bestseller-kind-of-book. After it was completed and edited, it took another year to get the edit I wanted. Never be discouraged.

If your book is dull, objectionable, and thrown together with a weak plot and cardboard characters, no amount of promoting is going to give it legs to stand on as a bestseller. While you’re over on my website –, look at the praises my novel got. If you want to see the techniques I use in action, and the secrets I applied, then read chapters from my book on my website.

I am going to be using live examples, even by page numbers, to teach you how to write the bestseller-kind-of-novel, because fiction is more difficult to promote than nonfiction. With nonfiction, thousands of people need to know exactly what you’re sharing and are willing to pay right then according to fulfill their needs. But fiction is born into a competitive world – mostly dominated by the popularity of the author’s name – sports figures, actresses, actors, the queen, the president, and the President’s wife. Fiction books that immediately become bestsellers are usually those written by big-name celebrities or well-known authors. Don’t blame the publisher for knowing that people recognize those names and will pay. Those names get free publicity on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and USA Today, and Oprah isn’t out of the question.

But don’t fear. There is a way to sell tons of fiction books for ordinary people like you and me. You have to do your part to change your life in one fell swoop – from struggling writer to sought-after, wealthy author.

Now read the free opening chapters of The Mayor’s Wife Wore Sapphires and consider the “who, what, when, where, and how” in this novel. See how those elements were smoothly tied together so they don’t seem like separate parts. Read the prologue and answer the questions for yourself. When you finish my articles you never have to settle for selling your novel to only your circle of family and friends. You can be a bestseller! Till next time!

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