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Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for reading and/or writing books!

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How To Cultivate Greatness In Your Writing

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There’s a television commercial; I believe it’s for E-trade, that talks about how nobody wants to be an ordinary…fill in the blank. Supposedly we aspire to be better. Nobody wants to be an ordinary athlete; nobody wants to be an ordinary investor.

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Enhance Your Creative Writing Abilities

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Creative writing is considered one of the most perplexing forms of articulating thoughts and ideas on paper. It turns out to be a hard nut to crack because it requires the ability to think freely, give thoughts a modicum of leeway, and express ideas and experienced feelings sincerely and openly.

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How To Be Your Own Editor

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There is a stigma associated with writers turning to editors for assistance with their work. Some people see outside editing as an unfair advantage, a form of literary cheating. Writers are expected to be able to evaluate their work objectively. Interestingly, this is exactly the opposite of what one finds in other professions.

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Deadline Management

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For some the idea of actually having writing deadlines would be a dream come true. They enjoy writing, but have never experienced the ruthless demand of completing an article by a preset time.

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Does It Summarize?

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I go through an interesting writing exercise regularly: I take magazine articles and write abstracts of them for a newsletter client.

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Energize Your Writing and Increase Your Output

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If you are serious about improving your writing quality and productivity then you need to spend time analyzing your personal writing process. You might be surprised by what you learn–and I know you can put the knowledge to good use.

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Jump Start Your Writing By Following These Simple Guidelines

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You’ve just completed a writing course. Perhaps recently graduated from college. Maybe your career has finally ended, and now that you’ve reached retirement you’re free to pursue your long-awaited dream of writing a book. You can’t wait to rush to the computer and finally get started on this long-held dream.

Slow down or you’ll find yourself in the clutches of that dread disease, Writer’s Block.

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How Can You Write For Fun And Profit?

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You really can profit from writing only about what interests you. Don’t worry about the market or the editors. Write for yourself. Not only will it be more fun and rewarding for your soul but for your checking account as well.

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Avoid Losing The Sale For Blasting Your Profit

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Address every issue that could be a concern. Begin with a list of every reason why a prospect doesn’t buy. He may want it, need it, even craves it — and be quite capable of paying your price. Yet still, he doesn’t buy. So you need to go deeper to discover all possible obstacles that may be preventing sales.

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Carving Out A Home Writing Retreat

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The phone rings. The laundry pleads to be stuffed, cycled, dried, and folded. Chaos reigns in the kitchen, and e-mails queue for attention. Our lives are at once mundane and undeniably seductive at the same time. When we sit down to write at home, suddenly everything that marks our existence as tedious becomes compelling. Writing at home can seem tantamount to training for the Olympics past age nineteen.

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